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Sensei Robert Rhodes teaches 2 karate sessions in Cheltenham, followed by a kyu grading at Soncho

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

It was a great honour to have Sensei Bob come all this way to give his time and teach 2 brilliant technical karate sessions in Cheltenham. Many thanks for all the support and advice.

Massive congratulations to all those who graded under the watchful eye of Sensei Bob Rhodes today!

It was the most rewarding experience for us to watch you do your grading today. Everyone got pushed out of their comfort zones, nerves played a big part but you all tried your best. That signature in your grading books is a very special one. You should all be proud of yourselves as gradings are not easy and you have all trained super hard to earn your belts. Absolutely delighted for you all!!!

Bob Sensei awarded the trophy for the best grading to Smaira for an outstanding performance - congratulations!!! Smaira you are an excellent role model for everyone in the club and we are honoured to share our passion for karate with you.

A big thank you also goes to friends from other clubs who have travelled to train with us today, it was wonderful to see you again. We greatly appreciate your support and hope to train with you very soon.


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