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Have a look at our FAQs and find out answers to the questions that may be on your mind.

If there is something that we might not have covered, please get in touch with us.

Karate Club Cheltenham

When can I have my karate uniform?

We recommend you train in joggers/shorts and T-Shirt for the first 2-4 weeks and once you decide you love karate

(which we are sure you will) we can order your uniform for you at a discounted rate or feel free to buy one. 

We order uniforms which don't need to be ironed for regular use,

or you can treat yourself and we can order an embroidered Japan made uniform for you.

Karate Club Gloucester

Do you offer a trial session?

Absolutely! Come along and join us, your first two weeks are free. 

Book your free trial here.

Karate Club Charlton Kings

How old do I have to be?

Children can join us at our children's classes  from 5 years of age.

There is no age limit for adults (age is just a number !!!)

Karate is great for your overall health and well being.

Karate Club Abbeydale

How long till I get a black belt?

We prepare for kyu (coloured belt) gradings throughout the year and although we aim to have at least 2 gradings per year everyone learns at their own pace. Some only practise in the dojo while others practise at home too. 

There are 10 coloured belts before black belt.

Our grading examiners are senior instructors from all corners of the country

and we do our best to prepare everyone to pass their belt test.

Shotokan Karate Club near me

Can I take part in competitions?

You will be encouraged to compete.

We see this as a fantastic opportunity for you to test yourself, make new friendships and get feedback.

We enter regional, national and international competitions. In our eyes we never loose or fail, we learn!!!

However, you don't have to compete, we completely understand it is not everyone's cup of tea and that is okay. 

Soncho Karate Club Gloucestershire

How much do you charge?

All sessions are pay as you train, no subscriptions or commitments.

Child fee is £5 per session

Adult fee is £6 per session

You pay when you turn up for the session

Cash, card and contactless payments are accepted

or we can send you a payment link

or you can pay online using our secure payment system (link to our online store here).

Martial Arts Cheltenham

Which session can I attend?

We have a great range of karate sessions available to choose from:

  • all grades and ages, family friendly sessions on Fridays in Gloucester,

  • all grades and ages, family friendly sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays in Cheltenham,

  • brown and black belt session on Fridays in Gloucester and Saturdays in Cheltenham,

  • we offer private sessions in both Cheltenham and Gloucester (booking essential),

  • and we take part in seminars and competitions on Sundays all around the country.

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