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Bob Rhodes Sensei at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham

Updated: May 14, 2023

Bob Rhodes Karate Cheltenham Soncho Natalie Bottcher

It was a great honour to have Sensei Bob Rhodes come and teach at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham today.

A fantastic, challenging first session followed by a technical second session.

Wonderful to see our friends join us, thank you so much for your support

Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed their first grading at Sonchō under Bob Rhodes Sensei and we look forward to seeing you wear your shiny new belts!!!

Special mention goes to Julia who received “Sonchō Best Grading” trophy for the outstanding grading!

Go and celebrate this fantastic achievement, you all worked very hard over the past few months and we’re all incredibly proud of you all.

Bob Rhodes Sensei at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham

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