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Upcoming Events

3 fantastic opportunities to get under your belt

Squad training – kumite only

With Sensei Julie Nicholson, John Holdsworth and Nick Keys,

HDKI GB national squad coaches

12 March 2023 at 11:30



Give Natalie a shout if you’re interested and want a lift.

The National Squad is open to HDKI members, aged 8 years and above, minimum grade 6th kyu. Anyone wishing to attend National Squad Training must have their Instructor’s permission to attend and must hold a valid HDKI Licence.

Saturday training & mock grading

With Simon Bligh Sensei, HDKI GB technical director

18 March 2023 at 09:00 / 10:00

Balcarras, Cheltenham


Brown & Black belt class 9:00-10:00

All grades class 10:00-11:00 followed by Mock kyu grading 11:00-11:30

Training is open to all, regardless of grade / club / abilities. If you have not trained with Simon Sensei before this is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed, do bring your licence to have it signed.

Please note, Friday session on 17th March in Gloucester will not be on – all students who wish to grade in May are encouraged to attend Saturday training – you will learn lots, you will get familiar with the place where the grading will take place and we will be there to support you, parents are welcome to stay and watch.

Please book in advance so we make the most of the valuable time with Simon Sensei. Those who wish to grade in May will have an opportunity to do a mock grading and receive feedback. Lunch & chinwag after training – please let me know if you’re joining us so we can book a table.

Interclub competition

With Becky Sensei, HDKI GB southern squad coach

25 March 2023

Tamerton Karate Club, Tamerton


Becky Sensei has invited us to her inter-club competition for children only.

Super friendly competition, a great opportunity to gain more confidence and make new friends.

Have a think and let Natalie know if you want to give it a go.

You can do kata only or kumite only or both


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