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Soncho Karate Cheltenham - Training for Peak Performance with S. Julie Nicholson and John Holdsworth

Soncho Karate Cheltenham Gloucester

Very much looking forward to the peak performance sessions with Senseis Julie Nicholson and John Holdsworth this October, Saturday the 21st, at Soncho Karate Club, Cheltenham dojo.

The session will be set into TWO Parts:

Part 1 - A training session from 11 am to 1 pm

The training will cover principles and methods to improve performance and presentation of kata including demonstration of problems and show methods to correct those problems.

The training will suit all grades from 3rd Kyu upwards.

Part 2 - Lecture on peak performance 1:30 pm until 4 pm

The lecture will cover training principles and learning modes including how to plan your programme, and how to produce a peak performance on a given day. Subjects covered in the lecture will include training principles, learning modes, periodization for peak performance, mental issues, goal setting, performance profiles, nutrition, and overtraining etc.

The lecture is more suited to higher grades and instructors but can be attended by all from 3rd Kyu upwards.

£15 training fee

Book online to secure your space.

Training for Peak Performance is open to all clubs/associations.

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