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Natalie Böttcher wins bronze medal at the World Karate Championships

What an experience!!!!!!!!

Natalie Böttcher wins bronze medal at the World Karate Championships!

Over 5,000 athletes, coaches, officials and spectators from all over the world came together and competed over the 4 days in Dundee Ice Arena.

Natalie has been training 2 times a day, 6 times a week in the last few months with the support and encouragement from the squad coaches and the squad team and enjoyed the whole process, the preparation, the advice, the time spent training, even the early morning runs!

The whole HDKI GB Squad team had a brilliant time together in Dundee, the support, the laughter, the excitement, the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Massive congratulations to every single athlete who took part, a high standard of karate was on display by the HDKI England Squad Team.

None of that would have happened without the phenomenal support from our squad coaches Julie, John and Nick Senseis. Colossal thank you to them, we know how much work they put into organising every little detail of preparing the squad team for the World Karate Championships, it really is greatly appreciated.

We, at Sonchō Karate Club always train with everyone and anyone! Natalie, while at the World Championships, even managed to fit in a special kumite training with the karate legend Christophe Pinna!!! Some fantastic strategies were talked about and practised and Christophe Sensei gave Natalie some invaluable advice, when they partnered up, which she can explore as she continues on her karate journey.

Congratulations from everyone at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham and Gloucester.

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