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Maryse and Natalie at the EKA Open

Updated: Jun 28

Maryse and Natalie travelled to Greater Manchester to perform their grading kata “under pressure” at the EKA Open.

The aim was to learn from the experience and recognise that when performing a kata under the watchful eyes of the referees, audience, and later grading examiners, you need to believe in yourself and trust your training.

It was a great experience for Natalie and Maryse, normally when they work on Nijushiho, their katas are not the same, each one has a different feel to it. Entering the competition allowed them to perform their kata in their individual kata category and receive feedback from others.

To make it an even greater challenge they both tried to synchronise the kata in the kata pairs category. They adjusted a few little bits and gave the kata a different meaning, testing Nijushiho at a different level than they are used to.

Great work ladies

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