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Kata Buddies Mini Championships in Aid of FairFight by Soncho Karate Club in Cheltenham

Kata Buddies Mini Championships in aid of FairFight has been a brilliant success for all today.

Not only we came together and celebrated friendships but thanks to the support from everyone who entered our mini kata championships we managed to raise the incredible £250 for FairFight.

Thank you to everyone for all your support, thank you to Eden Sensei for some first class refereeing skills which she kindly shared with us all.

Thank you to Maryse, Tamsin and Natalie who made sure everything ran smoothly and thank you to all the other clubs that supported us. Without all your support we wouldn't have achieved what we did.

A special mention to Marius and Jakub who covered for Evie and Tilly who fell ill and had to miss the event unfortunately - we're all a team and support each other no matter what.

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