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A brilliant start to another year at Sonchō Karate Club

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Summer holidays may well and truly be coming to an end for many but what a brilliant start to another year at Sonchō Karate Club this week has been.

Wonderful to see people starting their regular training again, this first week we revisited the syllabus, our new friends have started learning their first kata and everyone has also been working on their chosen kata with their buddy.

Check out our website for the training schedule and the latest news in the blog.

Congratulations to Hazel who was our latest student of the month, or 2 months actually!!!

Hazel showed the most incredible determination and curiosity to learn when she joined us in the summer. Not only that, Hazel loved practicing ura mawashi geri which she was getting very (very!) good at and always helped our new members learn basic techniques during partner work.

We were very lucky to have shared our passion for karate with Hazel this summer and we wish her all the very best at her new club! Hazel, we loved having you with us and you’ll always be welcome to join us for more #karateadventures whenever you’re in the area.

Natalie tested her new Boken-Sha karate suit (dogi) for the past week,

6 training sessions later she can safely say she loves the light feel it has and how it still makes that crisp sound when punching/kicking

5 stars from Natalie - a brilliant training dogi to take on her karate adventures.

Now, we were pleasantly surprised at the end of the Saturday session when we received a homemade pie as a thank you gift from our Ukrainian friends who regularly came to train with us in the last year or so. It was so nice to have them join in the training and we wish them all the very best for the future too.

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