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A very successful month at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham and Gloucester dojos

Martial arts Cheltenham

What a month it has been at Sonchō Karate Club Cheltenham and Gloucester dojos!!!

* We welcomed Bob Rhodes Sensei to Cheltenham for a fantastic open training at Balcarras School Sports Centre.

* We held our first kyu grading and it was wonderful to see everyone pass, we even had a student who double graded under Sensei Bob AND received a trophy for the best grading

* We had a special visit from our friend Claire from Sanjo Karate - HDKI Preston - always a special treat to have our friends join us!

* Our national squad coaches John & Julie Senseis came all the way to Cheltenham to share their tips and advice with Natalie in preparation for the upcoming competitions.

* We went to GB Open Karate Championships with some of our students to spectate and learn and Natalie placed 5th in kata and 3rd in kumite.

* Natalie went to Dublin to join HDKI - GB team at HDKI Ireland Open Championships where everyone did an amazing job competing against some very strong competitors. Loads of medals made their way to England, including gold in kata and bronze in kumite for Natalie

* It's wonderful to see the friendships grow strong and we welcome our latest members to the club, we can't wait to share our passion for karate with you

It really has been a very successful month for every single member and with our new goals to work towards to we can’t wait to see what the summer months have in store for us. There’s loads to look forward to!!!

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